DYNAMITE Bulgaria 2013 – an explosive event!

The biggest event of the autumn – DYNAMITE 2013 – is a pilot project for AMSB – Sofia that will take place between the 19th and 23th September in the picturesque mountain town of Dobrinishte. DYNAMITE Bulgaria 2013 is an international meeting of medical students which consists of two types of educational trainings – the European Public Health Educational Cooperative Training (EPHECT) and the essential for IFMSA Training New Trainers (TNT) and Training Old Trainers (TOT).

EPHECT is a type of Sub-Regional Project Training course (SPT) for young people who are active or interested in Public Health. The main areas of focus of this SPT are :

1. Principles of Public Health;
2. Prophylactics of tobacco-consumption;
3. Prevention of alcohol-related harm;
4. Promotion of a healthy lifestyle and physical activity;
5. Work on Reproductive health, including prevention of sexually-transmitted diseases;
EPHECT is funded with a grant from the European Commission and the Youth in Action Program.

The first international training event in Bulgaria – the joint Training New Trainers and Training Old Trainers workshop, will provide participants with the amazing opportunity to gain and improve their skills and knowledge to design and conduct training sessions, to effectively transfer information through a training session and for the more advanced trainers, to fully design and deliver international TNT and mentor new trainers!

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